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What an amazing pair these two make! Claire seems to know Charlottes every button. Charlotte seems to know that Claire knows her buttons. So Claire pushes them and Charlotte reacts....and reacts...and reacts! Thanks to both of these wonderful bdsm players for a hot update!

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Always hot Talia Monet starring in a bondage of the kind that not to be missed. Talia Monet, famous bondage model with her own fantasies.

Talia Monet is a well deserved, famous bondage model. Even famous models have fantasies, and a captivity fantasy was top on her list. We did our best to play out a classic captive scenario. She did her best to endure it. Her defiance is played out as she takes nipple torment and forced orgasms. A fantasy for your approval.

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Her live show. The Leah was to whoop up on the floor. But she would have to agree, as she got decimated on the mat. Leah shock to her pussy which he will never, never get to lick. Why does she wear a mask, and why is she so damn cute? On to whipping and of course forced orgasms. I tried hard to roll back over onto my side but all Leah had to do was push me back and I had an awfully good time with it before we end the night making love.

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She finds the metal allows her no motion as red marks swell up on her ass. Naughty Amaya has to stay after class but when the teacher starts to spank my ass. Amaya and Lucia really seems to get into it, begging for it faster and harder until Allyson pulls out and starts fucking her pussy hard with a dildo gag before she violates his ass.

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Dana's hot, with a naturally curvy body that looks fantastic hanging upside down. So that's just where we put her. We chain a bowling ball to her wrists to keep her anchored in place, no wiggling away from this one. By now her cunt is soaked, so we finger fuck an orgasm out of her.

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